NEW DIFFR global


Short-term trading

  • Trading item: stocks/commodities/foreign exchange/index
  • Trading opportunities: both ways (direction only)
  • Trading cycle: 24 hours, T+0
  • Transaction cost: 0 commission /15 difference

  • Provide you with international hot - DOLLAR index trading.
    Gold and silver are timeless investments.
    Offer you black gold trading - crude oil trading.

    NEW DIFFR globalCompany profile

    We are a global online foreign exchange trading and related services provider for retail and institutional clients worldwide. We provide daily trading accounts for clients in more than 20 countries and regions, as well as icon analysis and ancillary trading systems for our clients.NEW DIFFR global Founded in 1995 in London, England, and became NEW DIFFR global .The group's global head office was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2003.In Switzerland, the authority of the regulatory authorities to obtain the highest level of safety certification and acceptance of unmatched strict supervision

    Just judge the trend of rise and fall, get the highest 95% profit

    NEW DIFFR global Advantage

    Short - term trading investment advantages
    contrast options goods Short-term trading Stocks, indices currency
    Minimum investment It's affected by the price of the asset being traded At least,1000USDThe above $100 larger At least,1000USD
    Way to trade general complex simple complex complex
    Earnings ratio Not sure Not sure A single stroke can be as high as 85% Not sure Not sure
    Select varieties China: Index options whose listing time is pending goods Commodities, indices, currencies, options, stocks, etc index Currency pairs
    Trading hours The cycle is at least 1 month goods T+0 T+1 T+0
    Transaction costs Royalty payment is required High fees 0poundage High fees High fees

    Why choose NEW DIFFR global

    Why choose us

    System stability

    System stability

    Trading is simple

    Simple transaction

    Diverse ways

    Variety of ways

    High returns

    Super high return

    Regulatory capital

    Fund supervision

    The gold quickly

    Fast withdrawal